Welcome to Furngully

Welcome to Furngully—your one-stop resource for any and all furniture and design space related needs.

At Furngully, we provide turnkey office furniture solutions for businesses of all sizes, across a number of industries. We meet with the client to get a sense of their needs, design a workspace based on those needs in symmetry with their preferred aesthetic, and manage the ordering and installation process for every piece of furniture and decor that goes into each space.

A little bit about our Founder and Principal Kevin Burke

For the past 15 years, Kevin has devoted his career to creating functional and beautiful (yes it’s possible) workspaces for his clients. Right out of school, he started working at a furniture dealership. It was this early experience that helped Kevin understand what customers are really looking for when it comes time to furnish their workspace. Kevin practiced the art of nailing a customer’s new space, by listening to their needs and then bringing it to life with his eye for design and knowledge of furniture solutions. At Furngully, he combines his passion for finding solutions with his value of committed customer service.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is two fold. First, we aim to create the best possible customer experience for business owners, because furnishing your office space shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. We want to leave our customers feeling inspired and confident that their space matches their company’s culture and needs. After all, setting up a space for your organization to call “home” should be fun, not stressful!

Second, we want to give back positively to the community and the environment. To do that, we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet which means that we are pledging to give 1% of revenue back to the planet in our first year of operation.

We also work with manufacturers who are eco-conscious, because creating and maintaining a healthy planet is just as important as designing a beautiful workplace. This means that we look for manufacturers who are certifying themselves to be carbon neutral, use products that are made from sustainable materials, and utilize the process of remanufacturing, reuse and recycling.

We are so passionate about the environment that we incorporated it into our name. The Furngully name was actually derived from the Ferngully movie based on “saving the last rainforest” in an effort to combine both parts of our mission.

What you can expect in the coming months

We are continuously expanding our product offerings and online tools. Whether you're an individual, architect, designer or buyer, Furngully has everything you need to create a beautiful, functional workspace. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hello Raye to create a Pinterest-like online design studio where people can browse our products, add them to moodboards and download any type of 3D model they need, right on our site! Our customers can expect more cutting edge technology like this in the coming months.

Here on the blog, we’ll keep you informed about:

  • Top industry trends

  • How to design high performing office spaces

  • Best practices and tips for you to implement in your home or corporate office

  • How to create your dream space

  • The science behind design (hint: ergonomics!)

  • And more!

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