Why air purification is important for your office

It may not be a surprise, but the quality of indoor air matters…a lot. We spend about 90% of our time indoors, so why don’t we have a greater focus on keeping our air clean?

Indoor air is especially important in office settings. Think about how many times you have gone to the office with the sniffles. You can try to keep to yourself to avoid passing your illness, but you’ll always forget to disinfect a handle or fully cover a sneeze. After all, we’re human, we make mistakes, but employers can take extra precautions by implementing air purifiers throughout the office. Here are a few reasons why clean air is so important and our recommendation for an air purification system for your office:

Why clean air is important to your office space

Despite disinfecting every surface, the common cold, flu, and COVID-19 is still a pressing problem. Why? Because having a clean desk doesn’t solve the problem. Airflow and the quality of air greatly affects the health, wellness, and productivity of your employees and customers. Clean air:

  • Improves productivity and brain functions

  • Increases employee loyalty

  • Decreases sick time off and employee turnover

  • Boosts health and wellness

Aside from the common cold, dirty air can lead to a long list of health problems like respiratory infections and heart disease and put a strain on employee mental wellness. Especially with employee burnout on the rise, improvements in air quality can make a big difference. Taking the necessary steps to show support for your employees by making the workplace healthier results in higher loyalty and less turnover. It’s a win-win situation.

Why is indoor air so dirty?

Indoor air is up to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air and unfortunately, you can’t just spray lysol in the air and call it a day! But what makes indoor air so dirty? If you think about it, in any office space everything is sealed and trapped in one area with very limited fresh air.

Every cough, dirt particle, or allergen is in a holding period until someone opens a window. Even when you can open a window, depending on your office location, external air may be greatly compromised from vehicle emissions and other pollutants in the air.

Plus, highly trafficked areas like carpets hold onto germs and particles from outside like a magnet. No matter how much you clean surface areas, the air around you is still dirty. The bottom line is that you can’t clean the air without an air purifier.

What air purifiers can do for your business

The main benefit of an air purification system in your office is clean air for your employees and customers. But there’s a domino effect of benefits that come from clean air including:

  • Eliminating harmful chemicals

  • Reducing germs and therefore reducing airborne illnesses

  • Relieving asthma and allergy symptoms

  • Increase life expectancy

  • Improve sleep quality

What do all of these things have in common? They improve the quality of life for you and your employees. Imagine no longer having to worry about taking allergy medication everyday or being able to peacefully sleep for 7 hours because you're breathing in better air. It’s life changing.

What you need to consider before you pick an air purification system

Before you decide on an air purification system for your office, ask yourself a couple of questions such as:

  • What kind of business do you own?

  • How many employees do you have?

  • How many people enter and exit your office space on a regular basis?

If a majority of your employees work in the office on a daily basis, then you’ll need a more powerful air purification system to meet your needs. However if your employees telecommute and are only in the office sporadically, you may have more options for a purifier that meets your needs.

Our recommendation: the Aeramax Pro

There are hundreds of air purifiers on the market, so the process of choosing the right one can be pretty overwhelming. After sifting through several options, we recommend the Fellowes® AeraMax® Pro AM3 & AM4 air purifiers. They remove up to 99.97% of air toxins, germs, allergens, and bacteria through a combination of filtration and sanitization.

How does it work? It utilizes smart technology to detect air quality and automatically increases performance when the air needs cleaning. When the air is clean, it turns itself off so it only runs when it’s necessary.

As an added bonus, the Fellowes Aeramax Pro is the first commercial grade air purification system certified to help asthma and allergies. That’s why we are proud to offer this top of the line air purification system in our ecommerce store. Check it out here and if you have any questions, our team would be happy to help.