Why you should implement ergonomics in the workplace

Most people agree that focusing on ergonomics in the workplace promotes an efficient and comfortable environment for employees. When you’re focused on the comfort and safety of your employees, it’s no surprise that overall happiness and morale increase. Ergonomics can be implemented in a myriad of ways such as fully adjustable chairs, adjustable height desks, monitor arms, keyboard trays, etc.

You can implement ergonomics to decrease physical injury, promote mental wellbeing, increase productivity, and eliminate costly expenses. If you’re not convinced, here are 4 key benefits to embedding ergonomics into your workplace:

1. Improves health and wellbeing

It’s true—people who work in ergonomic workplaces reap the rewards of improved health. When your office furniture doesn't conform to your employee’s health needs, there are numerous negative outcomes that can occur such as a sore back, tight shoulders, headaches, swelling, and overall fatigue. Everyone has tight shoulders from time to time, but when it becomes a daily struggle, it can form into a lifelong condition. For example, years of poor posture increases the likelihood of developing musculoskeletal injuries.

Aside from physical injuries, implementing ergonomics into the workplace promotes a culture of safety and shows that you value your employees, all of which greatly impacts mental health and wellbeing. Because ergonomics decreases muscle pain and increases blood flow, your employees will feel less anxious and stressed and as a result will improve their mental focus.

2. Lowers costs

Aside from actually buying the physical equipment, ergonomics actually saves employers money in the long run. While all employees need and deserve time off, they shouldn’t have to use that time because of workplace injuries. When employees are out of the office because the workplace isn’t as safe as it can be, it costs you more money and overworks other employees. When employees are overworked, it becomes a domino effect.

Creating an ergonomic workplace can also be a great strategy to decrease turnover. When you value a comfortable environment and focus on the happiness of your employees, they tend to stay around longer. However, when conditions aren’t optimal, employees will seek out other opportunities. It pays to value your employee’s comfort and health because it costs a lot less to retain employees than interview and train new ones.

3. Increases productivity

By optimizing your workplace, you’re helping your employees feel more engaged which as a result increases their productivity. More productivity means higher quality work and higher quality work improves your bottom line. See how it's all related? In order for your business to be successful, your employees need to be engaged and productive and when pain isn’t a factor, it makes that goal much easier to achieve.

4. Boosts morale

When an office has communal back and shoulder pain from the equipment and furniture provided, you can pretty much guarantee an unhappy environment. When your employees are comfortable and healthy, they not only perform better but they’re happier. Happy and healthy employees are better employees and that will reflect across your entire organization. They will work harder and be more loyal when they feel like they are valued.

Make ergonomics a priority

Whether your team is at the office full-time or your utilizing a hybrid work model, ergonomics should always be a top priority. If you have employees who work from home, be sure to provide them with some easy ways to implement ergonomics into their work style. Ergonomics is not just comfortable furniture, it also includes adequate lighting, taking frequent breaks to stand up or walk, and ensuring that things like chairs, monitors, and desks are at the optimal height.

It’s a no-brainer that a more comfortable work environment boosts productivity and employee happiness. While the upfront costs to incorporate an ergonomic office may seem daunting, you can see that it pays off in the long run. Get started by getting in touch with our team.