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Office furniture workstations allow employers to maximize office space by having several individual workspaces with minimal separation. New cubicle designs feature low walls topped with glass to offer employees the privacy they desire without sacrificing collaboration.

When choosing a cubicle for your office, it’s essential to choose furniture that provides more spacing, increases privacy, and promotes teamwork. Our team at Furngully can recommend a workstation that can best accommodate your office space and employees.

Take a look through our wide variety of workstations to complete your corporate office space.

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Honey workstation

On trend: “Seated privacy”

Companies aren’t reverting back to the days of stuffy and cramped cubicles, rather they are recognizing that an open-concept workspace doesn’t work well for most employees. The “seated privacy” layout allows employees to collaborate and interact with each other when needed but also gives them space to put their heads down and work.

The Honey workspace by Darran Furniture is an award-winning workstation that provides unparalleled quality, comfort, and privacy. Honey is adaptable to any working environment: open spaces, collaborative zones, meeting rooms, lounges, and more.

Tayco’s Switch workstations are another excellent choice for employers who want more customization options for their workspace. Switch can easily adapt to your modern office space and provide your employees with the storage and privacy options they desire.

Modular workstations

Modular workstations, or cubicles, are becoming more popular for organizations that require employees to be in the office full-time or have adopted a hybrid working model.

Furngully offers a variety of cost-effective and customizable workstations for your corporate office. The IA Flex Workstation by Iron Age Office is a fully modular workstation, allowing you to configure each piece to create the perfect workspace. No matter how many employees you have or how large your office is, the IA Flex Workstation can be tailored to suit your needs.

The Evolve workstation byGlobal Furniture Group is another excellent option for organizations that need modular workstations. Evolve features stackable panels, wire management, storage, tab filing, and more. Or choose from Compile’s carefully curated collection of panels that deliver maximum functionality and value.

Global workstations
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Height-adjustable workstations

Research shows that stand-up desks can boost employee productivity and cognitive performance. And let’s face it, sitting for 9+ hours a day can be quite uncomfortable.

The Boost Pro by Clear Design offers height-adjustable workstations that are compatible with any layout including L-shape facing, side-by-side, facing workstations, stand-alone, and L-shape side-by-side. The Boost Pro workstations are fast, smooth, and responsive, making the transition between sitting and standing effortless.

Workspaces for a new reality

Multistations OS by Three H is designed for constant evolution and features a diverse set of standard modular components that are easy to specify, assemble, and fully reconfigurable to meet ongoing demands.

Workstations and cubicles have traditionally been drab and dull spaces that don’t provide the level of comfort that each employee needs. At Furngully, we’re rebranding the idea of cubicles. Say goodbye to lackluster workstations and take a look at some of our brands that are innovating the cubicle.

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